Jewel: Coral
Species: Tabby Cat
Gender: Female
Jewel Power: Luck
Attribute: Magical Red
Voiced by: Rei Sakai (Jewelpet), Ai Shimizu (Jewelpet Twinkle)

Sango is Miria's secondary Jewelpet partner. She's a yellow and brown striped Tabby Cat who symbolizes luck, and she wears a red and white bow and a necklace shaped like a strawberry. Also debuting in Season 1 of the anime, she is energetic, bright and likes to turn her ribbon of rhythmic gymnastics. She also has a habit to say "daijoubu" all the time and her speeches ends in "Nyan". In Jewelpet Twinkle, she is Miria's Jewelpet partner along with Garnet. She likes cakes and sweets so much, and sometimes has good knowledge on some desserts she eats and knows how bad Miria's desserts are only by tasting them. She and Garnet both have a crush on Dian. In Jewelpet Sunshine, she is in Jill's class on the 3rd Grade Rose Section and has a crush on Jasper and likes Mikage. She is a roommate with one of Kanon's friends Komachi. Her birthday is on July 10 and her name is based on the organic jewel Coral.