Nephrite (ネフライトNefuraito?)
Jewel: Nephrite
Species: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Gender: Male
Jewel Power: Teamwork and Leading
Attribute: Magical Green
Voiced by: Megumi Ozaki

Nephrite is Akira's Jewelpet Partner, a brown and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi who symbolizes teamwork and leading. He wears a blue checked flat cap and a green jewel necklace shaped like a diamond. He first appeared in Episode 16 along with Akira and sometimes seen with his human partner. He is mischievous, funky, likes soul music and dance in a cheerful way. His speech always ends with "Keropa!", meaning "Get up!" in English. He appears again in Jewelpet Twinkle as one of the three Jewelpets that grew in huge sizes due to Sara's Magic. In Jewelpet Sunshine, he is in 3rd Grade Rose Section. His birthday is on February 1 and his name is based on the Mineral Nephrite.