Lapiz Lazuli


Russian Blue



Jewel Power

Brushing Off Wrong Nature


Magical Blue

Voice Actor

Junko Takeuchi

Lapiz is the third member of the Jewel Eight and King's love interest, she's a blue Russian Blue cat who symbolizes the magic to brush off wrong nature. She wears a blue jewel necklace and a gold beaded bracelet. She debuted in Episode 35, who is under the influence of Dian's dark magic and defeated King in the Jewel Games, failing to get her. Even though she was under his spell, she understands King's feelings, though she doesn't show it to him. During the events of Episode 46, Dian's spell on her was broken after she realize that she cares for King, making her go to Rinko's side and helped her escape to the Human World. She and King were held captive after then but then escaped in Episode 49 to help Rinko and the others. She again appeared in the epsidode 32 of Jewelpet Twinkle. Although is unknown if she once has a human partner and competed in the Jewel Star Grand Prix, Lapiz is a Jewelpet who uses a Jewel Pod to read someone's fortune. But after reading Ruby's fortune, she got struck by something unknown and predicted that Ruby is super lucky, also shocked on her fortune involving a school bell. Both she and Prase knew that both Akari and Ruby share something powerful that would make them the next Jewel Stars. She appears on Jewelpet Sunshine on episode 25 on dance studio and fans over Dian. Her birthday is on September 15 and her name is based on the Stone Lapis lazuli.