King (キングKingu?)
Jewel: Onyx
Species: French Bulldog
Gender: Male
Jewel Power: Health
Attribute: Magical Black
Voiced by: Hidenobu Kiuchi

King is Genshirou's Jewelpet partner, a pink French Bulldog who symbolizes health. He wears a gold crown and a necklace shaped like a black club. He's a funny but positive character of the series and the least popular Jewelpet in Jewel Land, along with Diana and Dian. He has a love interest with one of the Jewel Eight, Lapis (who is under Dian's dark spell), which is the cause of his capture. When in Dian's clutches, he tags along with Diana and Dian with their plans while he tries to convince Lapis to go back to her usual self and let go of Dian's dark intentions. Him and Lapis were held captive after Dian's spell on her was broken in Episode 46 but then escaped in Episode 49 to help Rinko and the others. In an episode of Jewelpet Twinkle, Ruby dresses up as King. Also, King formally debuted on Episode 43 as one of the judges of the Jewel Star Grand Prix. He appears on Jewelpet Sunshine alongside Brownie and Alex. His birthday is on August 10 and even though his name isn't based on a jewel in the anime, his powers comes from his base jewel, Onyx.