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Jewel Land is a magical place where creatures known as Jewelpets, live. Part of Jewel Land is the Sunshine Academy, a school where both Humans and Jewelpets attend to study magic. Ruby, a white Japanese hare Jewelpet studied in the infamous plum section of the academy along with her friends, especially her classmate and roommate Kanon Mizushirou. Thought they were known as the "Risky Situation group", they all dream on graduating on the academy and pursuing through their dreams, despite the class' dysfuctional behavior and seriously hilarious antics that would make everyone's head spin. Ruby and her classmates must do everything they could to graduate, endure a lot of tests and hilarious situations thrown to them and for Ruby, endure her annoying roommate Kanon while sticking together through thick and thin. Will their dreams come true in the end? Or will they will end up not graduating?

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