Chite (カイトKaito?)
Jewel: Malachite
Species: Jack Russell Terrier
Gender: Male
Jewel Power: Assistance and Sports
Attribute: Magical Green
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Chite is Miyamoto's Jewelpet partner, He's a brown and white Jack Russell Terrier who symbolizes assistance and sports. He wears a red bow tie with a green jewel in the middle. Debuting in Episode 5, He's a cheerful Jewelpet who likes to cheer up Miyamoto and calls him "Aniki". He sometimes wears male cheerleader's clothing and uses fans to cheer Miyamoto or everyone near him. His speech always end with "Wan". He appears again in Jewelpet Twinkle as one of the three Jewelpets that grew in huge sizes due to Sara's Magic. In Jewelpet Sunshine, he is the 3rd Grade Rose Section. His birthday is on December 4 and his name is based on the jewel Malachite.